A lot of people are under the impression that a husband and wife shouldn’t work together due to all the problems that could arise. After seeing this new collection from Larry and Nancy Buechley though we are starting to think differently. We love seeing new and interesting tables almost as much as we love seeing new and interesting chairs and lately we have been seeing a lot more tables in percentage to the amount of tears that we see. Today we’re going to look at the latest one this is called Sculpture Under Glass.

The title of this collection does a very good job of describing exactly what is available here. There is a wooden sculpture of sorts that is in place under a plate of glass that will be used as the table. It is both very simple and very complex at the same time but one thing is for certain it is very nice. These ones won’t come cheap ranging from $1800-$3700 for one table, but if you can afford it this is definitely a great way to decorate your home.