Getting into the Christmas spirit often takes a lot of work. There’s the all-important Christmas tree that has to be covered from top to bottom in tinsel, lights and baubles. While these things have been essential in times past, we can’t help but feeling a little guilty about neglecting out responsibility to the environment nowadays. Not only citizens, but cities also seem to have little left in the coffers for extravagant displays. But with a little thought, it’s possible to get into the swing of things without the cost to the environment.

Sébastien Preschoux was asked to take part in the Nuit Blanche art festival in Paris this year. Nuit Blanche is an annual festival where artists and galleries are invited to share their work with the public. Instead of chopping down a forest of spruces, Preschoux has made a stunning display using humble thread with a little light. Pyramidal frames made of wood were threaded with fine string to create geometric Christmas trees. The trees don’t seem like much during the day, but they come to life at night. Light tubes were placed along the bases and make the trees glow in suitably joyful colors. Standing three meters tall, they are an impressive sight. The trees have all been placed within shrubbery, as if they were always meant to be there. The tress are filled with depth and look like they came out of a science experiment.

The abstract forms of the trees may be a comment on the secularisation of Christmas, or maybe they’re symbols of rebirth. But they are definitely beautiful and well-considered sculptures that reflect all that is good about the season.