In the modern design world we love all sorts of different designs and one thing that really put something over the edge for us is if it can take on more than one purpose at the same time. A set of chairs that can also turn into another sort of function will be definitely the height of the design for us. Thankfully for us there are a whole lot of different pieces of furniture out there that do exactly that and we are going to take a look at the latest one today. This is the new Sensei by Claudio Sibille.

These are two separate chairs which each feature a back with only support for the backrest on one side. One will come in black and one will come in white. If you put them together and laid them down they can then turned into a table that can be used for placing things on top of like in a coffee table setting or used as a small sideboard as well. It would be fun to think of exactly how many ways you could arrange these in your own home.