Sheds and garages now have multiple uses. In addition to their traditional purpose of storing and protecting vehicles and equipment, the improvement in the materials used to construct them, as well as flexibility in their design, has drastically increased their functionality. In addition, their lower cost and ease of installation has raised the demand for these structures. Here are some of the functions that demonstrate the versatility of sheds and garages.

Garage and Storage Shed

Garages and sheds that can take up to two cars attract more buyers in high end neighborhoods. The consensus opinion of contributors to property investment magazines like is that constructing a garage in a home can add a significant amount of value to the property. Sheds may be fabricated as standard garages with room for customization. For instance, some shed manufacturers give you the opportunity to choose the size and location of the doors and windows as well as the number of bays. Hence, when you want to construct a garage in your home, you can purchase a carport kit to fit your needs.

DIY Workshop

With the increase in do-it-yourself activities and projects, many people now require a personal workshop where they can set up their frequently used tools and equipment. A shed will provide the required environment for you to engage in productive work and ensure that all your precious tools, like your work bench, compressors, electric saws, nail drivers, hand drills, and other equipment are protected from the elements and from theft. Similarly, a graphic artist can use a shed to enhance productivity. There will be sufficient space for canvas and paints during various phases of drawing, painting and finishing. The shed can also help to keep dangerous instruments and chemicals away from children who could get injured while fiddling with them.

Home Office

The ability to work remotely has increased the demand for home offices. A home office should be a quiet place with basic office furniture and equipment. Although many homes have in-house offices, the amount of distraction in most homes, especially where there are young children, can reduce concentration and productivity. A shed can be used to create a detached structure that will serve as a quiet and conducive atmosphere for productive work. To enhance productivity, insulation may be used to prevent external noise from coming into the office.

Family Recreation and Entertainment Room

Garages and sheds can also be used to create a unique space for family recreation. For instance, family games could be set up within the shed to enhance the atmosphere of love and togetherness. Special play houses could be installed for kids while teenagers can also have a space to play and dance to loud music with their friends, without disturbing other family members in main house.

These are just a few of the reasons why garages and sheds have become one of the most versatile outdoor structures in modern homes. Their uses range from storage to workshops, offices and recreation centres. The quick and easy method of installing steel shed kits has also increased their versatility and usage.