In this frenetic world we are becoming more and more sensitive to how we spend our time. Trying to save it for and savor it with the people we love, doing the things that give us the most joy. While the concept of time is abstract, the memories we attach to it feel very real. Hong Kong designers Siu Man and Leo Chiu of BOAT have approached watch design with a uniquely emotional sentiment.

The duo established BOAT (Be Optimistic and Thankful) in their native city and was inspired by the traditions of old. In much of East Asia, people still use stamps engraved with their names called chops to sign documents. Their legal importance makes them very valuable to their owners. The designers have used this idea of a personal chop, adding a little of the western seal, to create bespoke timepieces to capture memories and become personal identity marks. The watches consist of a case, straps, hands, and most importantly a face stamped out of sealing wax. Each of the different components can be chosen from a wide selection of colors and materials on offer. The pièce de résistance is of course the face. It is created by heating sealing wax and stamping one of a range of faces onto the surface before it cools.

The only criticism one could level at BOAT is that perhaps the watches are a little too perfect, the wax too flat and the numbers too defined. But since each Sealed Watch is handcrafted individually by the designers and with such a wide variety of components to choose from it is easy to make one that is unique to you.