Making the decision to move house is exciting- finding the perfect new property that’s suitable for you and your family and getting a whole new fresh start is sure to have you dreaming about colour combinations, new furniture and garden ideas. But first of all you need to sell your existing home, and it of course makes sense to try and get as much money for it as possible. When your home is selling for hundreds of thousands, an extra five or ten thousand might not seem that much but really that could be a new bathroom, kitchen or money to do the entire place up.

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Chances are you won’t want to spend a whole heap of money on the old place since you won’t be staying there, but there are things you can do to boost the value. Before you know it your home will be sold, you’ll be on this website booking movers and on the way to your new property!

Go Neutral

Light, neutral shades will appeal to the most number of buyers and won’t put anyone off. They give your home a clean ‘move-in ready’ vibe and maximise the light making all of the rooms in your home look bigger. Strip off any patterned and busy wallpaper and buy a big pot of white, magnolia or light grey paint. If the walls are in very bad condition, it’s worth having a plasterer come and skim them. Replace old flooring with hard wearing neutral carpets or laminate flooring, these won’t be overly expensive but will hugely improve the overall look of the home and could add thousands on to the asking price.

Update The Fixtures and Fittings

Fixtures and fittings are things like door handles, plug sockets, light switches, light fittings, taps and more. You might think these are so small they won’t be noticed, but actually upgrading them can give you home a much more luxurious finish and bump up that asking price. Choose a type of metal, whether it’s stainless steel, brushed steel, copper or a black coloured metal and then keep everything consistent throughout. In many cases, just upgrading the taps in the bathroom and kitchen can make everywhere look much more modern. Don’t overlook these details.

Tidy The Gardens and Focus on Kerb Appeal

A home which has a good amount of kerb appeal will get more viewers through the door, and will boost that asking price. You will want to make sure garage doors and fences are nicely painted, gardens are tidy, rendering is free of cracks and stains and driveways are neat. Mature trees, shrubs and flowers will always be appealing so fill beds and borders with them or at least add pots and hanging baskets. In the back garden, decking is a good choice. It’s not that expensive to fit and looks smart but can add a significant amount onto the asking price. Best of all, it looks great in large and small gardens and there are lots of varieties to choose from. Composite decking for example is wood fibres blended with plastic, meaning it’s very hard wearing and doesn’t even need staining.