The old saying goes that good things come in small packages and that can definitely be true in many situations. Especially since space in this little world of ours is becoming much more scarce and apartment sizes are getting smaller and smaller all the time. This makes room for a new industry, interior designers that specialize in creating the most out of a small space. It is definitely a skill that requires a special eye and today we are going to take a look at a design by someone with that eye. This is the new Small Apartment With a Big Heart.

There is definitely a whole lot going on within this small apartment, despite the fact that the space here is at a minimum. The entire surface space is only 42 meters but that doesn’t seem to have held the designer back in the slightest. This one room, studio style design makes it feel like there is a whole lot more room here than that. A small hallway leads you right into the living room which can easily turn into a bedroom as well. The white walls work well because they are contrasted by many splashes of color throughout.

In the room is a sofa with armchairs, an LCD TV and two large windows to give you some sunlight. There is a retractable bed in the room as well, and it can be camouflaged and hidden away in a manner that is very stylish and not the least bit tacky.