When you’re doing renovations on your home, consider adding a custom walk in closet. They are a cost effective way to add luxury to your home while increasing real estate value and removing clutter. Today there are many innovative ideas that make custom closets in Toronto essential to any homeowner for a clutter free home. They can vastly improve the way you use shelving and can save space to make it easier to find the perfect outfit. Custom cabinetry companies in Toronto bring innovative concepts to their designs as well, such as fold out hampers, unique storage that will display fine jewelry, and moth-proof storage for woolens and sweaters. You may also want to consider storage solutions that safely hide fine jewelry and collectibles.

Creative storage solutions will make your living space seem larger and more luxurious by eliminating clutter. Custom closets are designed to work with the available space to increase storage, making maximum use of vertical and horizontal space. Imagine stepping in and immediately finding the outfit you’re looking for within reach. No more searching for a pair of shoes or other accessories, saving time and frustration. You could also designate areas made especially for favourites, eliminating the annoying and time wasting search that normally causes problems from day to day while allowing you to get ready faster. If you’re looking for a storage solution that’s unique to your home and fits your needs be sure get some ideas first. Space Age custom closets in Toronto has a number of terrific options that are worth checking out, whether you live in Toronto or not.


When it comes to customization ideas, choose from dual hanging rods that increase your capacity as well as drawers to store sweaters and other folded garments. Imagine open shelving that makes spotting those favorite jeans or the purse to match those much-loved shoes fast and easy. For larger projects, you might install a full-length mirror that will help you choose the perfect attire for evenings out on the town.

Reach in alternatives are somewhat limited, but with careful planning, these small areas can be expanded to create a massive amount of storage. Toronto cabinetry makers like Space Age Closets have innovative custom ideas for installing reach ins for your bedroom, kid’s rooms, or hallways. Dual hanging bars and added shelving can double their capacity. Unorganized hallway storage can make it impossible to find accessories such as hats and gloves, but with a few custom storage solutions, finding matching accessories is quick and easy. Shoe shelving under winter wear, as suggested by Toronto’s Space Age Closets, is the perfect solution for entryways that are cluttered with shoes. These shelves eliminate searching through piles of shoes to find their mates, saving time that you can spend getting to work early or relaxing in your home.

When you’re ready to add a smart storage solution for your home, contact one of Toronto’s custom cabinetry makers. If you want to save time in the morning with a better-organized bedroom or finally solve the clutter that’s been keeping you from enjoying your home, the time to change is now.