Although the best designer in the world could probably flip any home, there are certain things which can make property hard to sell. Having a small garden is one of them. No matter how gorgeous the rest of the home is, small gardens can really harm your chances of a sale. However, it doesn’t have to destroy them! Here are a few ways you can turn your small garden around.

Garden Bench

Image: Pixabay

If you don’t have one already, then a nice patio could be a great addition to your small garden. The issue with a lot of small gardens is that they feel out of place, and look like an ugly patch of vegetation clinging to the side of the building. You want the garden to feel like a natural extension to the home, rather than an area you’ve forgotten about. A patio is a brilliant way to achieve this feeling. It should be large enough to be inviting, so don’t be afraid of shaving back the flowerbeds a little far. This will also minimise the amount of work you’ll have to do in the garden, which could be a selling point.


Image: Pixabay

Although covering most of the space with stone can help the look of a small garden tremendously, you should leave at least some room for plant life. Take your time planning out the hedges and annuals you want to make the garden as inviting as possible. When you get a nice arrangement going, it serves as a kind of focal point, and takes people’s minds off the small dimensions. If you’re working with a small garden, then plant a border of squat shrubs around the edges of the garden. English boxwoods are a pretty good choice for this. Once these start to show through, finish off the look with another border of lovely annuals. See how the hedges and shrubs are coming through, and plant them in a pattern that complements what’s already there. Just make sure you consider all your options. You don’t want to see the flowers come up and instantly regret the decision!

Garden statue

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Finally, don’t neglect a focal point and function. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from property investment, it’s that small gardens sell better when they have a function. We’re really getting into summer now, so it’s a great time to think of this! You may want to consider a large garden table and some chairs, or look at some gas fire pits for the centre of the patio. At the very least, the garden should have some simple ornament. Greco-Roman statues and sundials are a timeless, tasteful choice, and you’ll be able to pick something up fairly cheaply. When you’re choosing your focal point, just make sure to keep dimensions in mind. If there’s one area of a home where you should be able to breathe, it’s outside of it!

If you’re struggling to spruce up a small garden, then consider these tips. Once you’ve implemented just a couple, you’ll see an immediate and highly attractive change.