It’s normal to fall into a routine when it comes to how you do things at home. After all, that’s where we end up spending most of our time. However, some of your habits might actually be making your energy bill higher than it needs to be. If you want to start saving every month, make sure you aren’t letting these bad habits slip into your routine.

Buying the Wrong Type of Light Bulbs


Photo via Flickr by AZAdam

Many people think leaving the lights on is the biggest money-waster when it comes to energy bills. While you should definitely make an effort to turn off lights when you’re not using them, it’s even more important to get the right type of bulbs in the first place. Traditional incandescent bulbs aren’t nearly as energy-efficient as CFLs, which can actually save about $40 in energy costs over their lifetime.

Leaving the Air Conditioning On

Your air conditioning is another one of the biggest drains on your energy. When you let it run more than it needs to, it can really add up. Getting a programmable thermostat to use with your HVAC system is the best way to control costs. In fact, the EPA estimates that proper use of pre-programmed settings on a thermostat can save about $180 per year in energy costs.

Keeping Electronics Plugged In

When you leave your electronics plugged in all day and all night, they just continue to rack up costs for your energy bill. That’s right — even when you’re not actively using your electronics, they draw power simply by being plugged in. Unplug items when you’re not using them to make sure you keep your energy costs under control. One easy solution is to plug electronics into a power strip with an on/off function so you can just toggle the switch to make sure none of the items are draining energy.

Leaving Fans Running

Many people like to leave fans running in their home when they head to bed or leave for work. The idea is that it helps to keep the room cool so that your home will feel more comfortable. But unless you’re actually in the room where the fan is running, it’s a waste of energy. Fans cool you off by blowing breeze on your skin; however, they don’t actually make the room feel cooler. So keep those fans turned off when you’re not in the room, and you’ll see your energy bills drop.

Standing in Front of an Open Fridge

When you need something to eat, do you ever gaze into the refrigerator for inspiration? This bad habit could be costing you when the energy bill arrives each month. Every time you leave the fridge door open, you’re making this appliance work harder to stay at the proper temperature. Being exposed to the room-temperature air means that it takes longer for the fridge to readjust its internal temperature once you finally shut the door. And when it comes to the freezer, it’s even worse. So make sure you only open the freezer or fridge when you know what you want.

Ready to get your energy costs under control? Use these tips to replace some of your bad habits with more energy-efficient ones.