The way we look at architecture and design is changing more and more everyday. As we move into a greener and more eco-friendly world people are starting to appreciate when furniture companies take the more earth conscious approach to creating their furniture. Steve Sauer has a bit of a different approach though even though it still eco-friendly. If there is one thing that Steve can’t stand it is wasted space and excess. For him when even the tiniest bit of something that is not important, not useful or just simply takes up too much space, it is a big no-no. These principles are what allow Steve to take his 182 square foot apartment in Seattle and turn it into something that is completely magical.

For most people if they were walking to this living space before Steve had completely redone it they would think there is no possible way a person to live comfortably here. Steve however, works in the line of airplane interior engineering for Boeing and has all the experience he needs to take a small space and make it feel a lot more comfortable.

Steve is meticulous right down to the very last detail and inch and while standing up Steve only has about 2 inches of headroom to spare, but that’s how he likes things. The remarkable three levels of this house cover everything needed for a complete living space. Downstairs Steve has a TV lounge area where he can sit and watch his 37 inch flatscreen TV and even have room for a friend. Above that is another lounge/office area complete with an office chair and desk and one step above that is where Steve sleeps in a bed that is actually quite large for such a small space.

Just within arms length of Steve’s TV watching area is the dining room and kitchen. Steve says that he took a lot of his inspiration from places like Scandinavia and Japan were space is at a premium. He said he wanted to be forced back out into the community and have to do his food shopping daily instead of buying a whole lot of food, storing it and eating very well everyday.

There is a full-size bathroom complete with a shower, toilet and sink and there is even a soaking tub set into the floor just inside the front door. Steve says that after seven years of hard work on designing this apartment he was able to purchase most of the things that he is furnished the house with, with the majority of them coming from IKEA. He says that if he could not find something he needed in the store, he was able to build it himself, being an engineer after all.

Although Steve built this house for two he says that he has no problem hosting parties there and says that he has even had as many as 10 people comfortably in the house and had a great time celebrating with his friends in his self designed domicile. With more and more apartment complexes popping up all over the place and space being a hard thing to find are more people going to start creating apartments like this? Steve says his dream is to put 300 of these into one apartment building and not have it be a tenement. So maybe you can just take out the do-it-yourself part and have Steve do all the work for you.