The majority of sofas out there are bulky and ungainly things that often overwhelm the spaces they are placed in. Odd, considering that they are meant to help users access space rather than restrict it. That’s why we’re so pleased with the new sofa created by French designer Arik Levy.

Called Stream, Levy designed this modular sofa system for the Dutch furniture manufacturer Palau. Stream consists of a rectangular base to which a back and armrests are attached. The customer can choose between a 1, 2 or 3 seater base and combine it with adjustable backrests of two heights. A tabletop can also be added instead of an upholstered seat, creating a storage space. By breaking up the sofa into its different components, users are able to customize the final product to suit their space and needs best. Colors and textures of the upholstery can also be chosen offering a wide range of possibilities for the sofa. Levy describes Steam as a platform to meet and connect. There is of course the connection to how people use waterways to connect with each other, but Stream can also be seen as a metaphoric stepping-stone around which life flows and invites users to sit down and engage with each other. The slight inward slope of the sides and rounded edges of Stream add to its aqueous aesthetics.

The simplicity and adaptability of Stream means it could easily flow into any space.