Suunto g6 proThe Suunto G6 is the absolute perfect companion for the serious golfer. With this advanced wristop computer, you can easily keep track of your both your swing consistency and the score as well. Every swing that you take is carefully monitored by this device, as it measures your tempo, rhythm, backswing length, and of course your speed. By keeping track of all of this you will definitely be able to improve your swings by spotting your mistakes and correcting them. You will also be able to spot your strengths and use them to your advantage as well.

There are four different game types offered on this device. Also, you can even store up to 10 of your favorite courses in its memory. It can then calculate your handicap for a chosen course. Whether you are just a beginner or already a pro, with the Suunto G6 and the advanced features that it packs, you certainly have the advantage in your game.