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Suzuki has been producing vehicles for over 60 years and has gained a reputation as a brand of exceptional reliability and value for money. Now among the top ten car producers of the world and the most requested on online platforms such as Carsales, they pride themselves on their resourceful innovation and their ability to meet the needs of their customers. This is reflected in a 106% worldwide year-on-year production increase in 2012.

As customers become more demanding in their need for slick design, high fuel efficiency and eco-friendly emission levels, Suzuki are constantly coming up with new ideas to target future drivers. Their range of concept cars is impressive by anyone’s standards, with some highly interesting ideas for the future.

For example, the Suzuki Regina incorporates stylish aesthetics with great economics, thanks to its lightweight dynamics. The quirky green interior gives off a real feel of the outdoors, while the overall fuel performance of the car if it were properly fitted out would be around 72 MPG, with CO2 emission levels of 70g/km.

Perhaps even more forward-thinking is Suzuki-Q; a delightfully odd, ultra compact car that is intended to bridge the gap between cars and motorcycles. At just 2.5 metres long, the Q has space for two occupants in tandem, or the back seat can be removed for extra storage space. It would act as an urban commuter and is certainly an eco-friendly concept. It is powered by and electric drivetrain, offering a maximum speed of 37mph.

Both of these ideas feed nicely into Suzuki’s focus on future mobility (Suzuki Sustainable Mobility). The PIXY + SSC is a fascinating concept car of two parts: the low-speed 1-person PIXY which is small enough to fit into the back of the SSC (Suzuki Shard Coach), a mini-car mobility unit. They PIXY is small enough to be driven into buildings and operates at a speed low enough that it might safely navigate pedestrianized areas. The SSC can hold up to two PIXY modules.

While it’s fair to say that the PIXY + SSC is more than a few years ahead of its time, some of Suzuki’s concept models are becoming a reality. The S-Cross, unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, should be available to buy later this year and is set to replace the current SX4 range, with a focus on ultra-low fuel consumption and CO2 emission levels