When it comes to news of modern design, the thing that we probably see the absolute most of would have to be the modern chair. You might think that by this time that we would be a bit worn out of seeing all of these chairs but the opposite is true, we are just as happy as every to see new chair designs, especially when they are as nice as the one we will be looking at today. This is the new Sway Rocking Chair by Markus Krauss.

When one thinks of the typical rocking chair, they probably think about it with only one purpose or one particular way to sit in it. This is not true of the Sway Rocking Chair, which can be used in a number of different ways. In fact it can even be used as a 2 person rocking chair which adds a whole new dynamic to the chair altogether and makes it twice the amount of fun to sit in.

The chair is best used for two people that face in opposite directions allowing them to talk more freely without having to turn their head to the side. It is still a great chair though even when used by yourself and is very comfortable and inviting. We can imagine that if we had this chair in our house that it would be one of our first destinations upon arriving home and depending on how tired we were, could end up as the only destination in our home that we make it to before falling asleep in it.