Natalie Dionne design this beautiful T house for a busy urban family.It is inspired from the writings of Pliny who describe two large villas that completely describe the existing landscape sites.

from this house crop fields are seen as a clear view at one side while mountains can be seen from the other side It contains two volumes the first volume have a two storey cubic shape with a wood sliding

while the second storey is rectangular in shape it is 24 m long embedded in the ground wrapping composite cement panels,

This site presents the natural view with gardens,pools terraces,in short this beautiful house revolves around the three distinct parts arranged in the letter T that perfectly describes the house name


2 Side-way design architecture

4 Nearest View


t_house_natalie_dionne_architecture_03-800x561 Left Overview

t_house_natalie_dionne_architecture_05-800x561 Nearest Side View

t_house_natalie_dionne_architecture_06-800x559 Inside View

t_house_natalie_dionne_architecture_07-800x632 Endside View


Swimming Pool


Structural Design


Lounge View


Rest Roomt_house_natalie_dionne_architecture_14-800x639

t_house_natalie_dionne_architecture_16-800x786KItchen View t_house_natalie_dionne_architecture_17-800x534

Dinning Hallt_house_natalie_dionne_architecture_19-800x1236Layout of Architecture