TakeTV SansaTakeTV is a new product from SanDisk Corporation that cuts out the jumble of wires and confusion needed to stream content from your PC to your TV. The device operates wirelessly through a USB adapter plugged in to your computer to the TakeTV cradle attached directly to your TV. While you’re probably thinking that this sounds a lot like the AppleTV, you’re not locked into using just one device to stream media to your TV. All you need to do is plug the USB adapter into another computer, go through the simple setup process, and you’re good to go.

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TakeTV doesn’t limit what formats you can watch or from what source either. SanDisk also offers their own video distribution service to allow you to check out new movies and shows if you don’t already have them on your computer. While the TakeTV is a little more versatile than the AppleTV, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to swing much of the market their way.