It’s impossible to live a non-branded life. Brands are all around us, whether you like it or not. Products and services that are offered to consumers are all branded in some ways. Even the most basic commodities are being labelled and promise unique values to consumers. It’s hard to find any flour, bread or milk on the shelves of supermarkets that doesn’t carry an individual personality or message. Water is not an exception in this sense. Today we present a striking example of sophisticated water packaging and conscious branding.

Casa del Agua in Mexico City is a place like no other. It’s an oasis for thirsty travelers and locals who look for some nostalgia. This artesian bottled water boutique and bar was conceived by Esrawe Studio. Casa del Agua is also the name of the water that is being sold here. This brand and its packaging talk about timeless beauty, simplicity and purity.

The interior design of the boutique is centered around water that is the sacred source of all life. Guests can realize once again this element is really the most essential part of our ecosystem that keep us alive. Water is also the main conductor of energy, and as scientists proved it its molecules react to human thoughts and intention. Casa del Agua is collected, filtered and purified on site, it’s truly a local water and minimum transportation is involved. The water that is being served and sold here is more than just a basic mineral or artisan water. It is stimulated by the values of the owners: love, gratitude, and respect, therefore it reaches its highest potential and healing powers.

Casa del Agua is a hidden oasis of purity and sacred wisdom in one of the most populated cities of the world. It’s a shining example of highly evolved business management, 100% design and branding…