The Celeste designed by Kris Van den Berghe makes a good complement to a contemporary bedroom. It creates a cocoon around the bed, and provides a greater sense of privacy and intimacy. This “mobile sky” creates a mellow bedroom environment by separating the sleeping area from the rest of the living space.

Composed of a white extensive fabric it can be easily dismantled and washed. The design has a simple but unique form adding a fresh and exclusive touch to a space because of its modern appearance. Its smooth elegant curves bring style into modern bedrooms.  It is similar to a sky within an interior space adding a distinctive charm, and creates a smaller room within a larger one.

It is great for people living in the same room who wants their own space, because it neatly separates one area from another. It is also great for a projector because of its white surfaces creating a luxurious theatre bedroom. For more information on the Celeste you may see here.

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