Thanks to the modern industry and high-tech manufacturing solutions the number of available products on the store shelves are innumerable. But what happens with the products that are never sold? Or what can we do with the byproducts of the industrial age and consumerism? These are intelligent and valid questions that luckily encourage more and more product designers in thinking and acting differently.

Alexis Tricoire is well-known of his innovative and unusual green design ideas, solutions and projects. The Paris-based designer loves to go the plant kingdom for inspiration. Today we are going to showcase the Green Pillows from him. These unusual creations and flower pots are made of recycled PVC materials that were not needed by the automobile industry anymore. Eco warriors can place their favorite plants in the pillows and decorate their homes with the plant cushions. As the Green Pillows are inflatable they can float happily and proudly on the garden ponds, too.  For €49 you can also go green now and buy your recycled here.

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