Belkin Laptop HideawayIf you want an easy way to put your laptop away along with its necessary accessories, then the Laptop Hideaway by Belkin just may be the perfect product for you. This handy little bag allows you to keep your laptop protected, while also keeping it neat and out of sight as well. Also, it is pretty versatile when it comes to where you can put it. With the Laptop Hideaway’s unique design, you can sit it on the floor next to your chair, desk, couch or even bed. Here, your laptop and its accessories will still be within an easy reach from you. Its open design lets you get what you need fast and easy, avoiding the hassle of zipping stuff open or listening to that Velcro open up.

The Laptop Hideaway is compatible with laptops which measure up to 15.4 inches. Also, it comes in two attractive colors which you can choose from.