BLANKPAGE Architects have completed a home in Amchit, Lebanon, that has continuous sea views. Imagined as a layering of decks, the shoreline house looks to amplify its association with the ocean through a visual and compositional festival of horizontality all in all and the mediterranean skyline specifically. The pieces are held by an insignificant steel structure made of just as measured square sections on a normal module of 2.55m, and additionally a tactful glass fenced in area and wooden louvers in shifting level and vertical rhythms considering a relative level of protection and shade.
Given the slanted way of the site, the house is drawn nearer via auto in the city level just underneath the upper deck. At the outside arrival passageway, the course interconnects the three levels of the house. The upper stage contains the main room that opens up on a lengthened lap pool and sweeping sun deck.

The center stage houses two rooms and a family living. At last, the lower deck serves as a gathering range that broadens outside towards the ocean through a limitlessness pool and a staircase to the shore. Notwithstanding the internal dissemination center, a smooth promenade shaped by an arrangement of outside slopes and staircases join the stages, connecting the different levels of the rough scene that extends between the road the distance to the ocean. The rhythms of the steel structure, wooden decking and louver frameworks make an assortment of covering examples of shadows that change in course and length all during that time rendering the straightforward structure immediately perplexing and alive. At the specific snippet of the nightfall, the house, situated due west at the height that faces the ocean, goes about as photographic stomach that welcomes the beams of the setting sun into the profundities of the house, dashing the prototypical spaces in a level shine of dark red.



the beach house seeks to maximize its relationship with the sea



The rocky landscape that stretches between the street all the way to the sea.


The glass partitions


Living and dining area


The upper platform contains the master bedroom that opens up on an elongated lap pool and expansive sun deck