If there is one thing that we just can’t get enough of in the design world it would have to be new and interesting chairs. The good thing for us is that there seems to always be new versions of great chairs releasing all the time for us to marvel at. In fact the chair is probably the most commonly produced item in all of the furniture world. Today we are going to be taking a look at it very interesting to chair, this is The Melting Chair.

This chair was designed after careful consideration of how real objects melt and upon looking at the chair, it does seem to be pretty physically accurate. The chair will have a mirrored surface which is quite fascinating although it might pose a challenge as you try to find just the perfect place for it in your home. It has been finished with a special silver coating as well as a scratch resistant polyurethane lacquer. This chair from Philipp Aduatz will definitely give a deeper understanding of the design process to you.