Anyone who has seen “The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson” in recent years will be familiar with his sidekick, Geoff, the robot skeleton with a voice spookily similar to George Takai. Well soon you will be able to have your own robot sidekick thanks to another Jeff.

Jeff Kessler is a mechanical enginerring grad student. He has developed a remote controlled robot called TJ*. TJ* is billed as a toy for kids. What sets it apart is that it is programmable, making it not only a toy children can grow up with, but also perfect for those of us who are kids at heart, even if social conventions don’t recognize this status. TJ is made up of flat fiberboard pieces (or colored plastic) that assemble together to create a head about 3/5 the size of a human one. His eyes can move up and down, left and right,. The kit can come with an optional the Ardruino Uno controller that is coded to control TJ*, but since it is open-source, you can tinker with it to your hearts content. This may seen like a small step forward in robotics, but at US$60 a pop it is accessible to most anyone who is interested.

Since TJ* is essentially a skull with eyes, it can easily be customized to users’ liking. The project has already received the funding required on kickstarter, but is accepting pre-orders for June. So to all you mad scientists out there, get your orders in ASAP. Check out a video here.