When it comes to Greek quaffs, what usually comes to mind is wine and ouzo. Beer doesn’t really feature on our mental menus, and even in Greece, local beers can be hard to come by. Think Beer designed by our favorite Greek Architects, Minas Kosmidis is trying to educate locals and visitors alike on the local beer industry.

Minas Kosmidis was behind Fabrica Creaton, another restaurant featured here in Tevami. Kosmidis has employed his comfortable and contemporary design to create a haunt that encourages visitors to sit down and relax with friends over a beer. Think Beer serves only Greek brews, which are all prominently displayed in the interior. The beer hall is located in Peristeri, Athens and spans two floors. Wood forms a large component of the design with pine used on the walls and screen, and to create the bar. Pine boxes were also used to make up the shelves that display the enticing beers behind the bar. The seating in Think Beer consists of mismatched pieces pulled together with gingham cushions. The walls, where not clad in wood, have been painted in black, which makes the space feel cozy rather than cold. Deep red acts as an accent color on the chairs and light fixtures that all combine to give Think Beer a slightly industrial feel. Slogans in thought bubbles, asking existential questions like” to beer or not to beer” jot the walls.

The casual and contemporary design of Think Beer is sure to bring in the customers and show them what Greek breweries have to offer.