Walking into any dream home is an amazing experience – from the high-tech entertainment systems and kitchen appliances to the elaborate staircase design and the specially commissioned artwork. Dream homes come in lots of different designs but they all usually look amazing. For many of us a dream home is just that; a dream. But there is always the chance that the day will come when you get to live in the home of your dreams.

So what can you expect if this happens? At this point, it’s worth saying that people can have slightly different ideas, when it comes to a dream property. There are some features which tend to be popular with many though. Here are three features which you are likely to find in a true dream home.

A spacious kitchen and a separate pantry

Even people who do not count cooking as a major priority, like to have a kitchen that is spacious. After all, the kitchen is the hub of most homes. You need to have space to entertain, or to eat breakfast as a family. Many dream kitchens include an island, although this is down to personal taste.

Most people would opt to have a separate pantry if they could choose a dream home. Having this space means that you can store all of the grocery items you need without using any valuable kitchen space.

A master suite with en-suite and walk in closet

Even though most people do not spend that many waking hours in the bedroom, it’s still a place that we like to be big and beautiful. A master suite is a must in many dream homes. You do not have to go anywhere to take a shower because you have an en-suite. Many en-suites now come with twin sinks and a double shower, so couples are well catered for.

A walk in closet is a must for most ladies who are looking for a dream property, as well as many men. If there is a separate dressing room as well, that is an added bonus.

Energy efficiency as the norm 

Energy efficiency is something that has become more of a must have for dream homes over recent years. If you are moving into a dream home you want energy-saving appliances throughout. You may also be looking for smart home features, such as thermostats that you can adjust using your phone, whether you are at home or not. Solar panels are also popular additions to the dream homes of today. They help the environment as well as making energy use more efficient.

A dream home is, as the name says, someone’s dream place to live. For that reason, dream homes come in different shapes and sizes. The features we have included in this article are ones that many people would choose for their dream home. Hopefully, we have encouraged you to dream about the features you would want to enjoy.