When talking about amazing designs one of the places that often comes to mind would have to be Japan.  The thing about Japan is that they are very modern, very intelligent designers but also lacking a lot of space to build in. That makes for a very interesting set of rules to follow when trying to create a modern design as they have to fit as much space and efficiency into a small area. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the latest example of them pulling this off with excellence, this is the new Toda House.

One of the unique things about this house is that it has been developed into platform formings on several different levels. This gives the feeling of there being much more space being used although it is built on the same amount of property as it would’ve been if it were built on the ground. This also allows them to use the space below as a space to park a car or for their children to play in. Is this the kind of house you would live in?