These days, people are far more concerned with the impact their daily habits have on Mother Earth. Luckily, manufacturers and designers have caught on, and there are plenty of bathroom accessories, furnishings and luxuries you can buy that will help make your bathroom far eco-friendlier. Here’s the top 10…

  1. Low-flow furniture

Low-flow toilets and showers have gotten a bad press in the past, but the modern versions have had all the kinks worked out from when these were first adopted by the masses. Today, they’re just as powerful as their non-eco counterparts, but they use a fraction of the water.

  1. Dual flush toilets

If your budget will allow, swap your toilet for one of the dual flush options, as they use around half the amount of water to flush liquid waste as a normal toilet, also saving you a pretty penny on monthly bills.

  1. Motion-sensor taps

Have you ever had the tap left dripping by a family member, or do you have relatives that keep the tap running for ages even when their hands aren’t beneath it? Gallons will be saved every year once you install motion-sensor taps, as water can only be emitted when there is something to be washed.

  1. Motion-sensor lighting

Lights being left on and wasted energy will be a thing of the past, once you hook up your new motion-sensor lighting. This is especially good if you have small children who can’t reach light switches.

  1. LED bulbs

These are a huge energy saver; aside from having a much brighter, crisper light, they take a fraction of the energy to power than a standard bulb, saving you hundreds over the course of a year.

  1. Beauty and cleaning products

You’d be surprised how many chemicals and environmentally hazardous items there are in your bathroom. You might be aware of the ones in your cleaning products, but what about your anti-bacterial soaps and expensive body scrubs? You can make most of your bathroom products at home, so give it a go!

  1. Eco-friendly boilers

Boilers and similar water heaters cost a fortune to run, but they could also be costly to the environment too. Check out what eco-friendly models are in your price range and enquire about getting one fitted.

  1. PVC shower curtains

Shower curtains are not only the most unhygienic of water guards, but most are made from non-bio-degradable PVC. Swap it for a pane of glass that can be easily cleaned and won’t need replacing.

  1. Organic towels

Although you won’t be able to find them in the same volume as normal cotton towels, choose organic cotton where you can, as conventional cotton is one of the most water-intensive and polluting crops on the planet.

  1. Recycled toilet paper

Why cut down more trees when you can re-use old ones? Recycled toilet paper is just as good as regular, and you’ll know you haven’t damaged any forests buying it.

Do you have any more eco-friendly tips?