Has remodeling your kitchen or home has crossed your mind more than once? Admit it, you dream about tearing down the wall between your living room and kitchen so you could have an open layout. Or you think it would be nice to have two sinks in your master bathroom instead of you and your partner clamoring over one. Maybe, you just want to increase your home value, and a renovation project can bring in a nice return on your investment.

No matter the reason, it’s important to understand what to consider before you embark on remodeling project involving the most-used rooms in your home, the kitchen and bath.

As mentioned before, the return on investment is among the top reasons most people choose to change up their bathroom or kitchen. In a seller’s market in urban areas, homeowners could get returns in the triple digits on a bathroom remodel. Even with a minor kitchen remodel, which costs roughly around $15,000, homeowners could recoup the cost and more on a resale. However, the most important guideline for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project is to spend the amount that can be supported by the home value. The remodeling budget should stay between 6 and 10 percent of the total home value.

Ready to remodel your home kitchen or bathroom? While you have a laundry list of amenities you want to add or change, you should consider these top renovation trends that update your space and have staying power:

Focus on Functional Features

Before you think about how something looks, think about function. As nice as it would be to first swap out that aged bathroom tub for a walk-in steam shower, first pay for any necessary home maintenance repairs like a leaky roof. Remember, even if you have a gourmet kitchen, a potential buyer will be turned off from buying your home if major repairs are needed.

When all is well, then the first feature to renovate in your kitchen or bathroom are amenities that will appeal to everyone—in other words, focus on functional upgrades like soft close cabinet drawers, door-mounted racks specific for cutting boards and spices, and drawer trays to store your forks, spoons, and other flatware.

Replace Countertops With Granite or Other Natural Stone

Changing your countertop is among the most common upgrades to a kitchen or bathroom. Granite or other natural stone countertop have long-term durability and elevate the look of the entire home. The countertop upgrade is also known to add value to the home, making your home stand out in a real estate market.

Keep it Stunningly Simple With Natural Color Schemes

Probably the easiest update that doesn’t require being handy is updating the color scheme in your bathroom or kitchen. Remember when cream was the go-to appealing color? These days, gray is picking up steam as the new neutral. If you want a simple update and don’t want to commit to any big renovation, painting a new color palette is your best, safe bet.

Before you start your remodel, it’s important to remember to analyze and carefully consider features you want to change out. You want to change the amenities that make your kitchen or bathroom more functionally and aesthetically appealing, but the upgrades should, well, also upgrade the value of your home. These tips can help you understand what remodeling trends to follow for a long-lasting appeal.