If you still haven’t found your perfect iPad 2 case or you simply want to become more stylish and sophisticated then we have something extraordinary to show you today. Keep reading and check out the images below about the latest COCON N°2 models.

These unique book-bound iPad cases come from Berlin and truly embody German perfectionism.  Hand-crafted by cocon Berlin in a real bookbindery, following traditional binding techniques, the iPad 2 covers feature naturally beautiful walnut-wood frames and premium quality book cloths. The COCON cases are  designed to protect your iPad 2 not only from dirt and scratches, but also to keep it in the optimal  position, so you can easily watch your favorite movies, play a bit, check out your photos and use the keypad.

Are you wondering about the product options and other specs? For the time being the following colors are available: Black, Bauhaus White and Berlin Blue. Each model is unique and carved with precision to match the shape of your iPad 2. According to the designer studio it supports the automatic sleep/wake function too: simply close the cover to send your iPad 2 to sleep and open it to wake up your iPad automatically.

The COCON N°2 iPad 2 cases were born at the workshop of cocon Berlin in Germany under the skilful hands of five persons. This creative group of men and women – one carpenter, one bookbinder, two architects and one designer – found the common language through their love of pure design. Cocon, the very first model for iPads was created in 2010 and one year later the second version, COCON N°2 was born too.

Once you paid your €89 to get a stunning iPad case like this, you can be sure that you have made a good investment. This collector’s item – just like an old and rare book – will definitely stand the test of time. Made in Berlin with cutting-edge design, sustainability and love.