While a lot of people probably have some pretty good memories of a treehouse when they were kids, it is not something that is usually sought after by the average adult. If done the right way though, a treehouse can make a perfectly suitable dwelling for even the most mature adult, but still has that fun vibe to it. Today we are going to take a look at one, this is the Treehouse in Tuscany, Italy by Riccardo Barthel.

Upon first glance it this treehouse you can immediately tell that this is not the sort of treehouse that you might have played in when you were younger. This is a full house complete with a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen, each of which being something that the average treehouse as we know it has never had. This treehouse was designed by Riccardo Barthel for a couple whose dream it was to live in a place that was just like this and he has helped them to turn their fantasy into reality. It is being used as a guesthouse playroom and a restful refuge as well.

The treeshouse itself is completely surrounded by a wide array of other trees which includes olive, Cyprus and pine. The rusted iron glass and recycled wood structure really works well to fit in with the forest that is was built in. This is the perfect combination to remind you of the simpler times as a kid but also remind you that you have really made it in this world.