Over-population of urban areas is a theme that comes up more and more often in various international forums. Tackling this challenge is not an easy one and there are a number of different views and possible approaches. Some designers and creative companies decided to join this dialogue as well with the intention of offering a few uplifting and fresh ideas on the  serious issue. Today we travel to China and present an interesting design concept and solution.

It’s known to everyone, that Chinese metropolises and their inhabitants are greatly challenged with the problems of the ever-increasing population. Most of the city people have to accept that they will never be able to own even a small piece of land. Urban society is forced to find unconventional ways if they want to have some more private space. The Tricycle House and Tricyle Garden is a brilliant solution for this, a creative answer to reconnect with nature and get the feeling of house and land ownership. The concept was developed by People’s Architecture Office (PAO) and People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO) and was presented at the 2012 Get It Louder Exhibition.

The design collaboration’s experiment is based on flexible construction methods and plastic materials. Polypropylene is the main component of the house that has some big advantages: it’s resilient, easy to shape and fold without losing its strength. In addition, the house interior offers plenty of daylight thanks to the translucent plastic panels. No need to worry about electricity anymore, the Tricycle House relies on human power only. It is also equipped with the necessary facilities such as kitchem, sink, stove, bath tub and basic furnishing. Believe it or not,  the kitchen sink, stove, and bathtub can fold into the main wall of the home. Living without any green area is not fun, therefore a mobile garden can be attached to the house. The Tricycle Garden is great for planting some fruit trees and grow vegetables. The best thing is that tricycle owners and eco-warriors can come together to create a temporary green space for everyone.

PAO and PIDO managed to come up with an affordable solution for those people who wish to own a little house. Independence, mobility, ownership and easy living are now within reach for all. At least in theory…

Photography by: People’s Architecture Office (PAO) + People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO)