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Landscaping isn’t all about what plants you choose to have outside. There are hundreds of ways to style your outdoor space to suit you. Whether you’re young and having fun or older and love playing host, creating somewhere to party is an excellent idea. Your outdoor party space can be more than just a lot of fun. It can also be incredibly stylish and add tons of personality to the exterior of your home. If you enjoy having friends and family over all the time, you should have a space you can enjoy in the summer. Try some of the features below to add to the atmosphere.

Cooking Area

A party is nothing without food. Not everyone will want to cook outside, but it does make things more convenient. If you’re the one doing the cooking, you can still mingle with your guests. Many people have a grill outside, but you can go beyond that to set up a more stylish cooking area. Instead of a temporary BBQ, consider something more permanent. You can create an outdoor kitchen that has space to prepare food. You can also add appliances so you can use cooking methods other than grilling. Putting some sleek cooking appliances into a brick cooking station creates a great look. You could also consider something like a wood-fired oven.

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Dining Area

You also need somewhere to eat the food you prepare. Many people have a table and chairs on their deck or patio. But you can ensure that you do something interesting. You might want to place your dining area under a roof. That way, if it rains a little but it’s still warm, you can enjoy your meal without being affected by the weather. A structure with a roof can provide shelter for other activities too, such as watching TV. Make your dining area exciting by choosing a dramatic table and seating. For example, you could have a natural table and benches that still have the shape of the tree they were cut from. Or you could pick something sleek and modern, dressing it up with lights and decorations.

Indoor/Outdoor Space

When you have an outdoor party, you often have people going in and out of the house. Creating space that flows from inside to outside is an excellent idea. If your kitchen is at the back of the house, one idea is to have it extend into the backyard. For example, you could have a floor to ceiling window. It can show your kitchen counters going along the wall of your kitchen and outside onto your deck. French doors can help to improve the flow, or any doors that open up to create a unified space. You could even have a pool that flowed from indoors to outdoors.

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Installing or Improving a Pool

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, some improvements could give it a designer edge. You could resurface the outer edges of the pool, put in a deck, or have a poolside dining area. If you don’t mind emptying the pool, perhaps you might want to put new tiles in or paint on a stylish design. If you don’t yet have a swimming pool, they make fantastic additions to your backyard. Any party can become a pool party, and everyone can keep cool on hot days. When you’re putting a new pool in, you have a chance to be creative with the design. It could be a quirky shape or, depending on your land, it could even be an infinity pool.

Adding a Hot Tub

As well as a pool, you could consider adding a hot tub. It’s a smaller alternative if you don’t have space for a pool, but also works well in addition to one. While pools are great for getting active, hot tubs are better for hanging out, chatting and drinking. There are some beautiful hot tubs you can install permanently. They can go in the ground or above it, or perhaps in a deck. However, you can also consider something more portable. A plug and play hot tub lets you avoid having to install it fully. You can just plug it in and fill it with water, then wait for it to heat up. You can find out more about them at You can even pack them up and take them on vacation with you.

Outdoor Tech

A party requires entertainment, which is often in the form of music or perhaps television. You could play music from inside the house, but some cool outdoor technology would be better. You can set up a sound system that looks and sounds awesome to make your space more fun. For example, check out the stylish SoundTouch outdoor speaker system on You can stream your music wirelessly and put your speakers where you want them. Mount them on walls or door frames so that they’re in the best position. You can also consider outdoor TVs if you love watching sports, movies or music videos outside. Just remember to consider waterproof technology to protect your TV.

Outdoor Furniture

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Hang Out Spaces

Sitting at the dining table or in the hot tub are fun, but sometimes you just want casual spaces to hang out. If you want somewhere to lounge around, there are several ways you can create a relaxed space. You could build a seating area, perhaps centered around a gazebo or a pergola, with wooden benches and comfortable cushions. Lots of colorful cushions would brighten up the space. If you wanted something even more casual, it could be somewhere everyone could sit on the ground. You could have large rugs and cushions so that your guests could spread out and lounge around. A fire pit and lots of stylish lighting would make it suitable for evenings too. Try stringing fairy lights through your trees. Put candles into lanterns, or add some solar-powered lights to the lawn.

A designer party space in your backyard could get you a reputation for throwing the best events. Think outside of the box to create somewhere unique and fun.