The bathroom is the oasis of the home that plays an essential role in our lives and has a huge impact on our overall well-being. This is the place where we come for relaxation, rejuvenation or instant refreshment. To achieve these goals, it’s important that we tailor our bathrooms to our individual needs and personality. Above all, we need to feel good in this room and be able to calm the stresses of the day. Now let’s see some simple tips, look at 13 inspiring bathroom design ideas and solutions which can enhance our comfort and time we spend in our bathrooms. All the showcased interiors feature different themes, yet they all have something in common with relaxation.


Bathtub – go for a unique shape
The shape of the bathtub really makes a difference. Look around on the market and be brave enough to invest in a luxurious spa-like bathtub even if that requires a bigger sum. This is the magical key for that heavenly retreat we all dream about.


Invite nature to your bathroom
Think about incorporating various elements of nature into the bathroom design. Bringing natural fabrics, objects, wood or bamboo to this room will definitely inspire you and bring out your inner artist. These elements also bring freshness and invigorate the place.


Combine modern, luxurious and classic design styles
Finding the right balance among these styles is of key importance. This can make a huge influence on the aesthetics and atmosphere of your bathroom. Consider a luxurious bathtub with whirlpools and jacuzzi functions, use natural fabrics, scented candles, old-fashioned chandeliers and install a hanging TV or high-tech sound system in your bathroom. Having a floating vanity unit in your bathroom is great to expand the sense of floor space, as well.


Pick a dominant colour
Decorate your bathroom with a unique and dominant colour theme to invoke a special mood. Bright colours can add warmth and personality to this space. Relying on natural colours such as wood can create an amazing effect, as well.


We need to emphasize once again that tailoring your bathroom to your personal needs is essential. Don’t let anyone to convince you about interior elements you dislike. Now relax, take your time and let us inspire you with this gorgeous mix of bathroom designs that feature some classic, modern and luxurious characteristics…