When it comes to renovating a house, or simply changing the mood and ambience of a single room, the first idea that comes to mind is to change wall paint.  But there is an alternative, and in some cases a better alternative.

Use of luxury wallpaper to cover wall spaces is not a new idea.  But, it is gaining a resurgence and popularity as a trendy way of decorating a room.  Instead of a single wall paint color, one can add a sense of style and sophistication to any wall space.  And there is just no limit to creativity due to abundance of available wallpaper patter designs, as well as color and texture.  You can practically change an ordinary room overnight into a comfortable and unique personal space.

White wall panneling

Due to the variety of types and patterns, one needs to do a little research beforehand to avoid buying the first product that grabs their attention.  And there are several resources online that serve as portals for different products from different Designers.

The Longest Stay is an online shopping destination for browsing and buying from curated collection of different home decoration products. Their website showcases different luxury wallpaper products carefully picked from top Designers across the globe.

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From classic 1950’s fashion-inspired Metallic Wallpaper featuring stems that delicately transcend up the wall with white petals, to contemporary wallpaper that can be used to create the feeling of an old library or reading room.

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In addition to different patterns and colors, some of the available modern luxury wallpaper are environmentally clean and user-friendly.  They are easy to hang, and easy to remove in addition of providing the benefit of being free of PBC and VOCs.  In fact, wallpaper is going high-tech in the form of a silver ink coated paper that blocks mobile phone and wifi signals for privacy purposes

Whether you need to update an old house, or simply change ambience of a room, use of luxury wallpaper is fast, and in many cases a better alternative to simple wall paint.  And if you don’t have time to research available wallpaper products, simply checkout some of the curated interior decoration portals online to browse and compare different styles.

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