We have all got an idea, of what our dream home décor might look like. Some of us might have an indoor aquarium in mind and some of us might have multipurpose furniture. Whatever the case may be, the following home décor interior designs are sure to blow your mind.

Using mirrors

Using mirrors to lighten and lively up your living space is an ingenious idea. Mirrors also help to enhance the size of the room and make it appear larger. The best idea is to place the mirrors directly opposite to windows which emit natural light in this way you can light up the whole room. Decorative mirrors are a popular choice to fill empty spaces and walls.

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Wicker baskets

Use elegantly colored wicker baskets in your living room to increase storage space. The ergonomic design makes it perfect to fit into gaps and look smug and appealing in the house. The wicker baskets can be used to store coffee table books, décor magazines, towels and toys and blankets. Placing a few small wicker baskets in the bathroom counter really helps to accentuate the ambience of the décor.

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Go green

Adding plants to the living space really bring out the beauty in your house. It gives the surroundings a fresh look and pure air. You can add hanging pots to all rooms to effectively maintain the texture of your household space but also to maintain a balance in humidity and clean air. There should be no homes without these lovely greens.

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Use rugs

Rugs can provide warmth and comfort in terms of personality, color and texture to your very own living space. Hardwood floors are beautiful aesthetically, however, they are not comfortable to walk on. Throwing a rug on the hardwood floor is sure to provide you immense comfort and functionality to your house. Pick out various designs and fabrics that are suited to the dimensions of your house to really bring out the best in your home.

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Painting process

It is always beneficial to paint the smaller rooms of your house in lighter and softer colors to make the room appear larger. Having large windows and light beautifully painted walls and ample number of mirrors in the room manipulates the natural light shining inside the room and give you the optical illusion of it being big . Alternatively, dark colors will make the room seem smaller in size. Even abundance of light and mirrors will not give you the same vibe that a lighter color is sure to give you.

Not everybody can hire a professional interior designer to come into your house and implement beautiful home décor designs and make it look special. However let it be known that you do not necessarily have to hire a professional interior designer to do up your house. With the right advice and proper tips, you by yourself can manage to transform your entire living space to look luxe . You are sure to love spending time in your newly decorated home in luxury.