People that are not really into contemporary design can see things most of the time only in the conventional way. On the other side, you have quite some people – big fans of great and interesting international designs – following the traditional way is usually much too boring and they prefer to think out of the box and see something that is much more creative and unusual.

When it comes to coffee tables, there are plenty of amazing designs around that we can see every day if we keep our eyes open. Today we are going to present you a brilliant idea and a great furniture piece. This coffee table – named as VIC – was designed by Chilean studio, Elemento Diseño. The two designers, Emmanuel Gonzalez and Jaime Zuniga created the table by using one single plywood sheet. They wanted to minimize waste products and utilize the materials in a very creative way.  VIC is made of a single plywood board that is pre-cut so that the whole table can be assembled effortlessly by anyone without using any glue. The legs of the table can be cut out from its corners and inserted in the cross shaped hole in the middle. This design talks about environmental consciousness and pure performance. During manufacturing there are not much losses and all pieces and parts are utilized to build a harmonious whole.

All in all, this white lacquered table embodies great innovation in furniture design that some of us are all looking for. If you, too, are looking for nice coffee table designs then can check out the Cymax coffee tables. Our favorite is the Eurostyle Abril Lightweight White Rectangular Wood Coffee Table.