Many people refer to owning a house as “keeping a roof over my head”. Ironically, when it comes to home improvement, many people manage to neglect their roof, letting it fall into disrepair and watching the value of their homes plummet. Your house would cease to be a house if it didn’t have a roof, so make sure you take care of it! When you’re choosing a roofing material, here are some of the most important things to consider.

Roof ice

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The first thing to consider is the weather resistance you’re going to need. This depends largely on the area you live in. Whether you get blistering summers or dustings of snow all year round, the weather your roof is up against is an important factor in making sure it does its job. Not all roofing materials will give the same resistance to the weather, so do your homework. If you’re living in a particularly warm area, then slate tiles are probably your best bet. If you go through severe winters though, it’s better to go with a ceramic tiling. If you’re in doubt, ask your roofing contractors during the quoting stage. You may have to pay a little more for the best resistance, but the investment is certainly worth it.


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Next up, how will the roofing material affect your energy costs? Just like many other home improvements, your choice in roofing material has the potential to make your home more or less energy efficient. Whether it’s your personal opinions on the environment or the potential savings, you’ll obviously want to choose a material that makes the home more energy efficient. Even if you go a little over your expected budget, you can still see massive energy savings in the following months. Tile roofing, for example, is generally better for keeping in the heat. Just make sure you’re considering this in conjunction with my first point. You don’t want to splash out on a completely new roof, and then have to pay out all over again once it takes a little weather damage. Look out for the Energy Star logo for a guarantee that it will be efficient.

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Finally, the durability. Even if you choose a material that’s perfect for the climate you live in, there’s no way to protect it from all the damage it could take on. When you come to sell, I’m sure you don’t want to find the value has dropped because of the roof being worn down. Make durability part of your search, and you can rest easy knowing the roof will last you. Clay tile is the go-to choice if you’re looking for durability. Roofs made with clay tiling can sometimes last up to 50 years before needing a full replacement! Slate is another good one, and the look of it is also pretty sought after in the property market.

When you’re shopping around for roofing materials, be sure to consider all of these points. Make the right choice, and you’ll start to see all kinds of financial benefits over the years.