Summer might be over for many of us, but that does mean we can’t get preparing for next year. The king of warm summer’s day activities is undoubtedly the picnic. Spending the day relaxing with friends and family is probably one of the most enjoyable and cost-efficient forms of entertainment. But the trouble is all the preparation you need to get done. There’s the food, the crockery and cutlery, the all essential Frisbees and balls, not to mention the blanket to keep bottoms from getting soggy. Yield Design Co. has created a tote bag that folds out to become a picnic blanket, making getting out there one step easier.

The Yield Picnic Bag goes from everyday tote bag for groceries and other shopping to picnic blanket with one quick zip. The zip runs along the bottom of the bag, up the side, through the handle and then down to the other side. The placement of this zip is well thought out to allow for the maximum usable space when spread out forming a blanket. The bag is made up of highly durable, camping material that is water resistant. It currently comes in three bright colors to suite your picnic color scheme; poppy red, marine blue and slate.

The Yield Picnic Bag may not stop the unrest in the Middle East, but it does what we love through intelligent design. It solves a small problem and in so doing makes our lives better. So get to their online shop and prepare for picnic season.