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Get Into The Swing Of Things

By  •  December 5, 2012

It’s not difficult to guess why there is such nostalgia these days for all things analogue. From RFIDs in packaging, all the way through to airplanes, everything …
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Time-Saving Tips For The Modern Gardener

By  •  April 8, 2016

Many of us have hectic schedules, which means that finding time for DIY and gardening jobs can be tough. If the last thing you want to do on your weekend …
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Attractive Alternatives to Wooden Fencing

By  •  August 7, 2015

Anyone who has a garden has either owned or considered putting up a fence. Sometimes we use them for privacy, and sometimes they’re just for decoration. Whatever your reason …
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Sébastien Preschoux Turns On The Lights For Nuit Blanche

By  •  December 24, 2012

Getting into the Christmas spirit often takes a lot of work. There’s the all-important Christmas tree that has to be covered from top to bottom in tinsel, …
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Grandpa’s Old Rocking Chair Fights Back

By  •  November 11, 2012

Do you still remember that old rocking chair of your dad or grandpa? We’re sure you loved to rock and swing in it, giving yourself a lovely …
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Folklore For The Soul

By  •  August 17, 2012

Designers are taking advantage of much commented upon democratization of commerce that the Internet allows by creating their own online shops. But the Internet still can’t compare to physically seeing …
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White Patio Gazebo by BySteel is the Best of Both Worlds

By  •  May 28, 2011

Now that summer time is just about in full swing, people are going to be wanting to spend as much time as possible in the …
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The Neo Angle Frameless Shower is Seriously Stylish

By  •  July 11, 2010

This new Neo Angle Frameless Shower is a great way to add some serious style and elegance to your bathroom. It features a double door to minimize door …
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Set Your Drink Down on the Chesapeake Buffet

By  •  July 7, 2010

Now that summer time is in full swing it is guaranteed that you will be having some outdoor parties and a good place to serve drinks is a …
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The Suspended Bed

By  •  November 17, 2009

The suspended bed is a very unique bed that is strictly part of a limited edition of five pieces. Each of the pieces is uniquely finished and is …
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Kodak Zi8 Flips the UltraHD

By  •  August 15, 2009

The latest Kodak pocket camcorder turns up the heat on its closest competitor, the popular Flip UltraHD, by offering a full 1080p HD recorder that fits in a …
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Kodak Zx1 Shines over Portable Camcorders

By  •  August 8, 2009

Camcorders have reached the level of miniaturization that other electronic devices have, and their popularity is driving innovation by a host of companies looking at opportunities for new …
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By  •  July 20, 2008

2009 Mini ClubmanThe Mini Clubman is a new version of the Mini Cooper. The clubman is longer than the original; it has got more leg room in the second row, and has a brand new backdoor. The clubman is much easier to get in rather than the original version. An improvement over the previous model which had a hunched back door, the new Clubman has doors which swing out to give you plenty of wide access to the cargo space. If that is not enough, with an easy one-hand gesture, you can increase the cargo space by pulling the rear seats down. This increases the cargo capacity to 32.6 cubic feet.

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Canon Powershot SD1100 IS – The Pocket Friendly Camera

By  •  April 27, 2008

The Canon Powershot SD1100 IS is another step in Canon’s sleek, stylish ultracompact series. It’s tiny frame boasts over 20 high-quality features and realively low …
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Suunto G6 Pro review

By  •  April 21, 2008

The Suunto G6 is the absolute perfect companion for the serious golfer. With this advanced wristop computer, you can easily keep track of your both your swing consistency and the …
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TakeTV a new product to watch Television on your computer

By  •  March 15, 2008

TakeTV SansaTakeTV is a new product from SanDisk Corporation that cuts out the jumble of wires and confusion needed to stream content from your PC to your TV. The device operates wirelessly through a USB adapter plugged in to your computer to the TakeTV cradle attached directly to your TV. While you’re probably thinking that this sounds a lot like the AppleTV, you’re not locked into using just one device to stream media to your TV. All you need to do is plug the USB adapter into another computer, go through the simple setup process, and you’re good to go. Read More